How to Get Entertained in Dubai?

You’re never short of fun-filled activities when you’re in Dubai even for a shorter stint as a tourist. The city has all it takes to mesmerize a tourist or a visitor. From the tall skylines to the great-looking deserts, the city offers all sorts of flavors to the tourists, who actually need to plan things out to get the best out of their expedition of Dubai. Nobody wants to miss out on anything that this marvelous city has to offer. We all know, the weather in Dubai is of extreme nature and it stays in the high 40 degrees Celsius for the most part of the year, but when it cools down a bit from November to March, you can witness the complete shift in the mood of this city.


From a deserted place during summers, Dubai becomes the most happening place in the world during winters. It hosts many annual events during this period, including the Dubai Shopping Festival which is always on top of the wish list of any tourist. Apart from the shopping and tours of the city and its whereabouts, there are many people who want to get the best out of this city’s sports side.


Some of the sports activities one can and must enjoy in Dubai include:


  1. Cricket
  2. Field Soccer
  3. Horseracing
  4. Bicycle Riding
  5. Indoor Soccer
  6. Beach Soccer
  7. Golf
  8. Water Sports
  9. Desert Safaris
  10. Camel Racing


The Arab people have a special love affair with horses. They like to breed the beautiful horses and use them for horseracing. The city of Dubai holds the Dubai World Cup every year, which is the world’s richest-ever horse race. A huge number of celebrities from India, Pakistan, and Hollywood throng to Dubai to be part of the event every time. The event usually takes place in March every year but this is not the only horserace in the city. There are many other such events scheduled every year during the winter season.


Apart from horse racing, the Arabs have also discovered love for other sports like golf, tennis, cricket, and soccer. In fact, soccer is one of the most popular sport in the city which has a number of soccer clubs. Other than soccer, Dubai also hosts the Desert Classic Golf Championship at the Emirates Golf Club, which attracts the best golfers in the world to the city.