It seems impossible to give your house a touch of dubai interior design without spending actual money. Well, this isn’t the case anymore as here we have a few smart tricks that can switch up the look of whole place by using the material in your storage room. You will be amazed at how many things you have that can completely transform your place and you weren’t even aware of that.

  • Change up the furniture setting

This is the simplest step that you can take in order to make the place look completely different. All you have to do is move a coffee table to the other side, switch the place of larger couch with the smaller ones and shift the dresser to the other wall. This is a simple trick that can make your place look spacious and airy and if not then a fresh and new look is guaranteed. Yes it does take a little effort but absolutely worth the result.

  • Get your paint cans out

Everyone have that small extra bucket of paint left from the renovation that they did last year. Get those buckets out and buy a tube of colour that you would like to paint. Mix those two and paint on. You don’t need to paint the whole room in fact a small accent wall will work. Add a little pattern, colour the insides of a book shelf and lift the furniture from ordinary to attractive. Sometimes boring walls can also make you want to get out of the room and this small touch of paint will make you admire your work and creativity.

  • Use the old fabric patch

Some grandparents love sewing while other people love buying pieces of cloth that they never used. If you fall into one of those categorizes then you should get those fabric out and mix and match them with a few different ones to create something beautiful and different that attracts everyone’s attention. It can be a simple cushion cover to a framed piece of cloth to display like art and it will spice up the boring walls of your room. This may cost you absolutely nothing especially if you are good at DIY to make things better and brilliant.

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