Dubai offers a number of opportunities, especially for individuals who are looking to land the job of their dreams. But in order for you to land an employment, you must dedicate time and effort on finding the right job in Dubai before your visa expires. Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Get your documents attested

Although attested documents will be needed once you land a job, it would be best if you can prepare them so you can easily submit the documents once your employer asked you to fulfill the document requirements they requested. Compile all the important employment documents you have with you and have the scanned and photocopied for you reference. Also, ask a UAE embassy attestation firm to help you out on notarizing and authenticating the document. Be sure to deal only with a trustworthy firm since they will be safekeeping the original copies of the documents.

  1. Prep your resume

Apart from attesting your documents, be sure that you CV and resume is updated. Employers are still keen on looking at the resumes submitted by their potential candidates. Be sure to highlight your skills and experience. It would also be best if you can look at what type of resume is appropriate for the job you are applying for. Also, do not put unnecessary details that would make your resume look crowded and crammed. Go straight to the point.

  1. Know where to find vacancies

Dubai offers a number job opportunities for both local citizens and foreign nationalities. The key to finding a suitable job for you is to know where to look. Utilize all the possible channels for job search – from print to online job search platforms. You can also use social media platforms to look for possible vacancies fit for your skills and experience.

  1. Clean your online footprint

Dubai employers are quite strict about hiring employees. Apart from the skills, they also want to see if the candidate possess the right attitude. Hence, they include background checks on their screening process. Make sure that your social media accounts are clean and free from questionable content. If you must, remove posts and share that might offend certain cultures and project indecency.

  1. Stay connected and online

Once you step inside the Dubai soil, be sure that you have the right communication tools so you can be easily reached by employers and human resource personnel. Buy a local sim card and subscribe to a telco company to provide you with a stable internet connection.

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