5 Ways To Encourage Employees To Join Workplace Safety Activities

Workplace safety is not just for the upper management. Everybody working on the same space are responsible for fostering a safe and secure working environment. However, getting employees to participate in health and safety activities is an on-going challenge for companies. Most employees appear to be indifferent and disinterested.

If you find your employees a little bit hard to convince in following your safety policies, these tips from trusted specialists and safety products suppliers in UAE might be of help:

  1. Form a committee


Safety in the workplace is a serious matter. In fact you need to form a team or committee to oversee this matter. A health and safety committee would be responsible for ensuring that policies are being enacted and implemented. They will also be the ones to initiate and facilitate updating the policies and disseminating it to the employees. The team should compose a representative from the workforce, from the upper management, human resources, and work safety specialist.


  1. Elect a safety representative


To further encourage everyone to participate in promoting workplace safety, having a safety champion in the lower management would help to relay changes in safety policies and remind employees the importance of workplace safety. He/she will also be responsible for monitoring any safety issues and relay them to the committee with a complete report.


  1. Educate everyone


One of the main reasons why some employees are indifferent to safety policies is because they do not know the importance of these regulations. Be sure to stress the importance of these policies and what are the benefits of following such rules. Try to schedule regular talks about safety and include training on your talks.


  1. Encourage accountability


Simply informing about workplace safety is not enough. You need to make them feel that they are part of it. Giving them responsibilities in workplace safety would require them to take the policies to heart and be serious about its implementation. Give them safety tasks and responsibilities and give them the freedom to facilitate projects pertaining to workplace safety.


  1. Communicate safety policies


Be sure to make the information available to everyone so the employees can check whether they are doing the right thing in terms of safety policies. Make it available in print and online and make it accessible to all stakeholders.

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