Your day job is the identity and career you choose for yourself. And no matter how much well-adjusted, you are in your company if you find a business idea then eventually you will shift from your job to business. At first, with your day job it could be your side business in DMCC business centre in Dubai, but once you get to know the scope of your business idea you may switch. It is a risky decision but will provide so many benefits in future. Like, earning more money than your regular job, being your own boss, doing things the way you like. 

Here is the guide of business centre in business bay, that are low in cost but are great source of earning: 

  • Blogging is one of easiest way to earn. All you have to is to make a creative content and come up with ideas that could attract more viewers. The topics of the content are basics like lifestyle, travelling, managing finances, cooking, etc. Statistics show that bloggers are earning a good figure through creating content. 
  • Graphic designing does not necessarily need study of graphic designing in your professional studies. One should be able to learn how to use adobe illustrator, stencil and  visme. And once you learn how to use these apps, now all you need is creativity and motivation to come up with designs. 
  • Web designing is one of the most demanding field in online free lancing. A web designer has to come up with an idea to make the interface of the web page more aesthetically appealable and as well as technically functional. 
  • Online course teaching is also a great business idea. If you have a set of skills or you are an expertise in a specific field then you can easily teach in online courses and can attract all those people who want to become an expertise in your subject.  Udemy is a website that allows you to teach online courses and will pay for it.
  • E-Book is one the smartest idea to earn. If you are good at writing then you could start any day even with a very simple topic. One could target such audience who are willing to learn that skill, be expertise in that field or to advance in their careers. 
  • Instagram is one the most popular field of earning money online. You could start up an account on Instagram and once you have built a number of followers then many brands and companies wwill contact you. They will pay you for the marketing of their product.